Sunday, January 30, 2011

new blog title

so, i changed my blog title,but i'm not sure if i like it. can anyone think of any other names that they think would be a good idea for a title?


i saw this on someone Else's blog, after she saw it on someone Else's blog and I thought it was so so cute. These babies, who were born at a Pittsburgh hospital, are wearing the iconic logo – literally from head to toe. Each one is adorned with a nice little Steelers cap, and a terrible towel for an extra blanket.  the STEELERS are my #2 favorite team the EAGLES are my #1 team and always will be.

I've always liked the Philly teams and will continue to. Andy Reid has got to be one of the best coaches ever because he was one of the few who were willing to give Michael Vick a second chance. no i don't agree with anything he did to those poor animals, as any one who knows me, knows i LOVE animals. but think about it, we are sinners who don't deserve anything and GOD choose me and you and forgave us of our sins. I know I don't deserve to be saved, but God saved me. if we are being christian like we should have the attitude of forgiveness towards anyone and everyone. everyone has a chance to be saved, if we will just tell them about it.

Charlie Manuel had got to be one of the best MLB coaches for being able to have four of the greatest pitchers, and possibly the four greatest ever. and no I'm not saying that because I'm a phillies phan, but because they have the awards to show it. between all four of them there are 3 SI young award winners, one MVP of a world series, 3 of them have won 20+ games in a season multiple times..and there is so much more... Roy Halladay (Doc), Roy Oswalt (Little Roy), Cole Hamels (Cole Train) and Cliff Lee will prove this year that they are the greatest rotation ever in MLB's history.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

free online photography Class

on Jen's blog she posed about a free online photography class! it sounds pretty neato, and i think I'm going to do it. i just wanted to let ya'll know in case you wanted to also!!
click the picture to go to the site to sign up!


this weekend we are having our missions conference. last night was good.
he talked about young people (and older) needing to be willing to serve God no matter what the costs are. he said that nowadays most young people could care less about serving God. he was also talking about making Sunday a special day, in America that's normally not the case. in Malia, Africa, where he is, they can't wait for Sunday. and how not everyone here is going to be called to go to some other country because then no one here would be saved, and no one would be supporting the missionaries. but he said that more people are being called to be missionaries, than go.

i hope you have a good day!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

part of the front yard.

The other picture was of the swamp.
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More snow

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


today is a snow day! we are supposed to get close to 12in. altogether! yaya!! haha i need to start working on my science display board. but i would much rather sit here and listen to my music. I guess I'll go work on it.

I hope everyones day is going well!

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fun with friends

This was at Andrew and Lucas's basketball game last night. In some of my other posts I talked about how good friends are needed... well there are some of the best you could ask for!
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Monday, January 24, 2011


i just found this picture of my Sands...I totally miss you sands (and i might just slightly miss Shane)!!!!
I remember when Shane took my phone and took this picture. and i think that's Julia sitting beside me. i have a bunch of silly pictures of Shane on my phone. I'll upload them sometime.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is a card i made today! i thought it was pretty neato. i couldn't get a good angle to take a picture though (sorry) what are your thoughts? any suggestions?

Friday, January 21, 2011


Never give up
Never back down
Never surrender!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"That I might live unto God"

i was reading Anna Banana's blog today (i was hoping she would post, i love her posts) and she said this at the end of her post. "For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God" Galatians 2:19
i totally agree with what she said. I just want to live my life unto God, and do everything that he wants me to do. we (i know i do) get caught up doing everything our "friends" do and not serve God because you might be the only one serving God. I'm going to serve God no matter what any of my "friends" do. yeah i can't just totally forget about them because they need to be saved or to get right with God, but they're not going to be my best friends.
I ask that you would pray that i would be able to do this.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


yay! i finally have 13 followers!! thanks to ! she is awesome! :)
anyone can gladly put a link to my blog on there blog, i won't mind at all.

have an awesome day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

God is So So Good

question time!

God is So Good. how can Christians just sit around and not want to serve him?
i want to serve Him with everything i have. i don't want to get mixed up with the wrong friends and have then change that.
anyone have any ideas?

Youth Rally

Last night we had a youth rally at Pastor Nissley's Church. it was absolutely amazing!! God worked in so many peoples hearts including mine. at least two teens went up to get saved and many more raised there hands saying that they were not saved. the Speaker was Pastor Kenny Baldwin. he is one of the most awesomest preachers i have ever heard. once he starts preaching you can't help but to listen. one of the main things that hit home for me was he said something about God must be crazy to try and use ME to serve him. if you think about that, yeah I'm nothing but with Gods help we can serve him.
He was speaking about how you have to be in the way (of God) and when you are in the way of Gods will you can't help but to be happy. and that is so true!
He also said something about you don't need some one else to be there with you to serve God. you don't have to have someone to go first. you should step up and be willing to serve God whether anyone else is willing to do it with you or not.
Also he said that we should step up and start praying for ourselves and not expect other to do it for us. Saved people will call the church and ask to be put on the prayer list but yet they wont come Thursday night when we pray. you can't expect other people to do everything for you.
that's just some of the things he said. he was so so amazing! i can't wait untilll i can hear him again.
God is so Wonderful!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


so, today is a no school snow day!!! i slept in! lol. i totally love the snow! i haven't gone out yet, but i will whenever i go to put the horse in the barn. he doesn't really like snow, cause he usually cant get threw it to eat the grass. and then when you did him a spot he won't eat there! silly boy!

this Friday is a Youth Rally at Pastor Nissley's church! i am super stoked about it! Pastor Kenny Baldwin will be preaching. i have never heard him before but everyone that has says he is super good!

i might upload pictures of the snow later.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Way Home: The 10-10-10 Adoption Challenge - Will You Help Us...

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Sunday, January 2, 2011


i would have said that earlier, but i got sick. Thursday night i woke up around 12 throwing up then around 5 in the morning i got diarrhea, i was sick all that day. by Friday night i was allot better, but i missed our watch night service. i was really looking forward to it. Saturday i was almost all better but i had a super bad headache. today mostly all better but stayed home from church just in case. i should be going to school tomarro and we will be reviewing from exams..lucky me.  so thats how i rang in the new year! :)