Thursday, October 28, 2010

school work!

This is of Goldie waiting for food.

Possum, just woke up

Goldie and Possum taking a nap

Them waking up

"why did you just wake me up?"

"Feed me already please!"

sorry its been so long. with school and everything its been busy! i can't remember if i said before, but my 365 project didn't work out too well. so i might start it again, I'm not sure. but now that the Phillies are done for the season i will have allot more time to take pictures, but i would rather them still be playing. anywhos I'll upload some of the pictures i have taken recently.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

not again!

well, i think i broke my finger..again..playing football..again. its always the fingers i have broke in the past..the others seem to be stronger. but hey, i don't care. it don't hurt that bad. our outing at Gram's was tons of fun!!! and that's about the only thing that has happened lately.