Saturday, May 26, 2012

8 more days!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh I'm getting super siked about my graduation. i think everyone is getting emotional about it...except me! haha i think the whole place is gonna be flooded out by the time i can reach the back doors ;)
i cant wait to see some of my friends that are coming. i haven't seen allot of them in soo long! gonna be a fun week!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One more month

One month from now I'll be walking down and getting my diploma! The past 13 years have gone by...6 years ago we all thought we would NEVER get to be a Sr in high school! now, I'm 18, graduating, going to started out with four of us in kindergarten, then 3 in 1-2 grade..2 in 3rd-half of 11th grade...the other half of 11th -12th grade Ive been by my self!
I'm sooo siked about seeing some of my friends that are coming tho! some of them i havent seen in forever...well at least it feels like forever.. its really only been a few months though


Saturday i will be taking my SAT's. thats gonna be a fun day... SIKE! thats alot of thinking put into one day. As long as i do better then i did last year, i'll be happy tho!