Saturday, June 30, 2012

camp 2012

Camp was absolutely amazing this year! i definitely made some memories i will never forget and i'm pretty sure i made a friend who will never leave (Liv, your amazing!)  :)

the Messages by Pastor Courtney Lewis were soooo good! he is definitely an example of not having the perfect life when he was little and still being able to turn out good! the messages went right to the point and he didnt play around..he said what he wanted to say and what we all needed to hear! As teens we cant sit on the fence and play with sin. we gotta go one way or the other.

the cabin i was in, had some amazing people in it! definitely the best cabin i had been in, in the 3 years i have been going to camp! even if they did switch all our beds around during the Sr. surprise.

i dont think me and liv should eat more then one freeze pops again! lol but it did make for alot of laughing. :D
what are the odds that i would be the only one with a hole in my cup when i go to drink it milk starts dripping? i mean really!? haha

"hey Liv are you going to the Sr. surprise?" "yea i's going too!!!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"I cried because I have no shoes...
until I saw a man with no feet.
Life is full of BLESSINGS.
Sometimes we're just
blind to see them"

--author unknown

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This post is probably going to have more pictures from my graduation then words. lol everything went very well for my graduation and there was even a beautiful rainbow!!! i was soooo excited to be able to see some of my Friends that i hadn't seen in FOREVER! it was awesome! i think i was much more excited about seeing them then actually getting my diploma! lol

me walkin down


HAHAHA me n drew

me n k8

me n lukayyy

me n Smadams

me n my bren!

Pastor and Mrs. Nissley!
i was sooo glad he was able to preach for my graduation

Emzo me n Sammi

me n Mrs. S <3

a beautiful rainbow

me n Chancers!

me n Ashyley!