Sunday, November 21, 2010

need help!

hey everyone!!
i'm collecting soda pop tabs for a friend! i will post a link to her post about it in this post. we could really use your help!!!! every little one will help!
here is a link to her post!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


CAN I SAY EAGLES?!? THAT GAME WAS AWESOME!!! VICK HAD 6 TOUCHDOWNS. 4 PASSING TD'S AND 2 RUSHING TD'S!!! IT WAS AMAZING! i can definitely say we Eagles phans will be talking about this game for a very long time!!! beating Donovan McNabb 59-28 was sad, but good! McNabb was good when he played for us...but Vick..most people don't like him. we choose to give him a second chance and I'm very glad we did! how can someone who had been away from football for 18 months get back to where he was...but yet become better? he realized he didn't know it all. he said he can still learn. in order to go anywhere in life we have to have the attitude that we can still learn and that we don't know it all!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Outing

we had our fall outing tonight! it was super fun! we watched a movie and afterwards we played ping pong and the wii!!!!  other than that not much has been happening. on the 19th we are going up to mt. Zion for a Bible quizzing. on the 20th we are having a parent appreciation dinner. on the 2nd of December in the Christmas recital. which should be fun!
and if anyone was wandering, i don't have a new phone and won't be getting one for awile. i had said before that i was, but now i'm not, :( oh well.