Tuesday, July 31, 2012

this could easily be.....


this is just a little bit of the fun we had this weekend ;)

*in mcds* Ashy: can I have 3 cookies?
Cashier: it'll be a dollar..
Ashy: how much?
Cashier: one dollar
Ashy: what did she say???! ( to me n Chance)
Ashy: what?
Cashier: a dollar!
Ashy: I'm sorry what?!
Cashier: A DOLLAR
Ashy:oh... *hands cashier a dollar*
... Looks at us n says "well u guys were Tlkn!!!"
Me n chance: we were not!

*Quick! to the Goona-Cahoona!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Everyone always says you cant pick your own family....well i proved them wrong! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

agree or disagree??

Agree or Disagree?

The churches in America could put an end to Abortion if they really wanted to. And I mean "wanted" as in, wanted it more than they wanted their favorite football and basketball teams to win.
would like some feedback on this please!

Friday, July 6, 2012


oh boy...17 credits my first semester of college..haha

I'm taking:
Basic Photography (Monday n Thursday)
College Success Seminar (its the week b4 college then I'm done with it)
English 101 (Tuesday and Friday)
Math092 (Monday and Thursday) this is done at my own pace so i may be able to get to math093 this semester also..which would be good!
Psychology101 (Wednesday)
Sociology101 (Monday and Thursday)

everyday starts at 8:00. two days I'm done by 9:30. other days i go till later....and i just realized my one class is at the Elkton part of the college :/ oh boy lol

this should be verryyyyyyyy interesting! :)