Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Days of Thankfulness

today im thankful for the three people in my life right now that mean absolutely EVERYTHING to me. they know who they are so i don't need to mention their names...and two of them don't read my blog anyways haha
its crazy how just one person can make such a huge difference in your life. even in the little ways that they don't realize they are doing. sometimes just a simple "I love you kiddo" at the end of the day can every worry in the world disappear. or just spending a few hours with each other can make so much of a difference in how you feel. (for the better of course)
i really don't like hugs at all...but from these 3 people it is something different... i love their hugs! =]
as Ive always said since the first hug...my besty has the most perfect hugs in the world! haha i love when everyone else gets jealous about that lol its so funny to watch certain peoples reactions to that. lol

*People always say that you cant choose your own family..well i proved them wrong! i have the most amazing "family" in the world*

*Best friends are hard to find....because i already have the best one* =]


Anonymous said...

does that mean i'm the only one who reads your blog? surely chancey does :) not sure who #3 is??? or am i bein presumptuous that I'm one of the 3? :)

Kimmay said...

yes, you are like the only person who reads my blog hahaha
you, chancey and ashy! lol
no he doesnt read my blog! actually i dont know if ive ever told him about it... lol oopps
Of course you're one of the 3!!! :-)